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Enrollment Process

Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering enrolling your child in Temple Christian Academy. Below are the steps to follow to complete the enrollment process. If you have any questions please call Delayna Radford at 580-967-5888.

Alec Radford


Step One

  • Read the Handbook

  • Bring the Following to Ada Baptist Temple. 12800 County Road 3670, Ada OK 74820

    • ​ Enrollment Form  

    • $100.00 check for registration  (Non Refundable)

    • Pastoral reference form

    • Standard of Conduct Form (12 years and up)

    • Record of Immunization Form (shots)

    • Completed student Application

Step Two

Schedule an appointment for both the student and the parents to meet with the pastor and principal for an interview to determine if the student will be accepted. Call Ada Baptist Temple at (580) 967- 5887 or (580) 967- 5888 to schedule an appointment. 

Step Three

If your child is accepted schedule an appointment for your child's diagnostic testing. This will determine his individualized plan of study. After testing is done TCA will order the appropriate PACE's for your student.

2023 - 2024 Handbook

2023 - 2024 Student Application

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